With stats showing 86% of adults have home internet access, the office will change rapidly


Employers will no longer be able to ignore technology changes that have led to the near universal coverage of broadband in people’s homes, according to Condeco Software.

Last week ONS statistics revealed 86% of UK households now have access to the internet – which is up from only 57% as recently as 2006. With 39.3 million adults now accessing the internet every day, Condeco Software founder Paul Stratham says this level of uptake will only speed up the growth of flexible working.

He said: “Thanks to cloud-based collaboration and unified communications services such as email and video conferencing, a laptop and internet connection is all that most people need to perform their job.”

He added: “'This has transformed the office from a default place of work to a space people go to meet with colleagues when needed. We now live in a connected world and the office must change with this. People have become used to the freedom that greater access to the internet brings and they expect this to be reflected at work.”

Research from Ernst & Young recently found £8.5 billion could be added to the UK’s GDP through the greater productivity that working flexibly from home provides.