Parenting website Mumsnet has renewed its partnership with the Civil Service for a second year, after a successful campaign which saw over 300 roles advertised on the website in the past twelve months, George Martinureports

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The previous scheme saw several hundred mums apply for the role of Intelligence Officer working for MI6, as part of a scheme campaigning for more “family-friendly and flexible” executive roles to be advertised. The deal will see the Civil Service sponsor Mumsnet Jobs, whilst advertising jobs and producing content to help mothers navigate the challenge of balancing a career and a family.

A survey conducted in 2015 by the Equality and Human Rights Commission found up to 54,000 women lose their jobs each year due to maternity discrimination, described by Mumsnet as a ‘motherhood penalty’.

In spite of this, the same survey found that 84% of employers believe that supporting pregnant workers and those on maternity leave is in the interests of their organisation, showing that there is already broad support for pregnant women, which will be elevated by this new scheme.

Announcing the renewal of the scheme, Justine Roberts, CEO of Mumsnet, commented: “The UK is facing significant changes in the next few years as we work towards Brexit, and dedicated, high-quality civil servants will be more important than ever. Mumsnet Jobs has a track record of referring great candidates to the Civil Service and we’re very happy to be renewing our partnership”.

The Civil Service made a similar comment, with Chief People Officer Rupert McNeil saying: “The Civil Service are proud to renew our partnership with Mumsnet and reach people who may not have considered a career with us before.

“We're aiming to be the UK's most inclusive employer, providing an environment where everybody feels respected and engaged in their work. Providing rewarding career choices is at the heart of our offer and we provide flexibility and support equally to parents and non-parents to help all of our staff reach their goals.”