Employees in the UK could be losing out on as much as a 6% increase by remaining loyal to their current employer


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According to UK business energy comparison service QuoteMyEnergy the average British worker could get a salary increase of 10% by looking for a similar role at a different company.

While many may put off looking for a new role due to the stress and insecurity that a new job might bring, when you actually compare the average 4% salary increase that an employer generally offers to the potential 10% increase, it could be more than worth it.

That difference of 6% means that the average worker could go from earning £28,288 to £29,920 annually, just by switching employers. Instead of cutting down your expenditure for 2018, it might pay off to increase your earnings instead.

Katy Sparkes, the Managing Director of QuoteMyEnergy.co.uk says: “Understandably, for many people the thought of switching jobs or service providers is an unnecessary hassle, or they feel a loyalty to a particular brand or company they’ve worked with for years. Not only is changing your lifestyle now easier than ever, whether it’s your job or your gym membership you’re looking to change, our new research shows that not switching may be costing people substantial amounts each year that they stay loyal.”