Financial group, Mitsubishi UFJ is launching a scheme that virtually rewards staff to encourage wellbeing


Mitsubishi UFJ is testing the use of virtual currency as rewards for staff who practice a healthy lifestyle. The trial has been designed to encourage employees to reduce their overtime hours. So how does it work?

According to Finextra, it is being run by MUFJ subsidiary securities which uses geo-location technology to monitor employees on their journey to work and when they come in and leave. The organisation is using mobile location tracking from Zerobillbank to follow their movements and automatically credit ‘Ooiri’ virtual currency in to workers accounts.

Staff who receive this are able to convert it to the Yen in local shops using the technology ‘Z-Wallet’. It can be used at neighbouring restaurants and also to reward colleagues by passing their own currency on to thank them.


Japan Times reported that the firm is offering the benefit in an effort to encourage employees to have good health.

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