The governing administration have introduced up to six weeks of paid parental leave for the employees of Minnesota State

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Minnesota has become the fourth state to introduce up to six weeks of paid parental leave for employees. Prior to this, staff were not permitted to take time off under a parental leave scheme. Instead, it had to be done through accrued sick leave or they had to purchase short-term disability insurance coverage.


This new policy is designed to help employees that are new to parenthood and helps the period in which a child is too young to be put in to a childcare programme. Expected to save families £5,027 ($6,200), it aims to enhance employee engagement and wellbeing.


However, it has been implemented temporarily and still requires legal approval before becoming permanent.


In a statement, Tina Smith, lieutenant governor of Minnesota said: “Today's announcement means that more than 32,000 Minnesota state employee families will have that same opportunity. This is an important step, but we need to keep working so access to family and medical leave isn't determined by the luck of where parents work.”


The parental leave is expected to cost the state approximately $2 million a year.


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