A new survey finds young workers would rather have high morals than high pay


Millennials would rather work for a company that gives them the feeling they are achieving a social good, than one that pays them a high salary according to research carried out by consultancy, Global Tolerance.

It finds 42% of millennials (those born between 1981-96), now want to work for organisations that have a positive impact on the world. Moreover, 44% of the 2,000 people polled said they thought ‘meaningful work that helped others’ was better than being paid a high salary.

The research also found 36% of millennials admitted they would work harder if they thought their company benefited society.

Global Tolerance founder Simon Cohen said: “Employees are not just doing work because it is a job. People’s work becomes an extension of themselves. Values don’t stop or start when people get into the office or go home, they are a part of them.”

He added: “By creating a culture and environment which has values that are meaningful and aligned with those of staff, people are much more motivated. They will bend over backwards for things they believe in.”