Customers and colleagues have been given the choice of Mx title and non-binary gender


The UK’s high street Metro Bank has announced that from today people who do not identify with a specific gender will be able to choose Mx as a title and non-binary as a gender, whether they are a customer or colleague of the bank. 

According to Business Insider, the decision came after a Scottish Teenager was unable to open an account because the only options were male or female. The individual was saddened at the fact that she was forced to tick a box that where neither were of preference.

Additionally, although a number of banks already allow customers to use the title Mx, Metro Bank has become the first British bank to give people the opportunity to tick a box that says non-binary instead of male or female.

Danny Hamer, Metro Bank’s chief people officer said: “At Metro Bank, we have the opportunity to help drive forward equality and we’re proud to be taking an active stand on this issue.


“Our ‘no stupid bank rules’ approach means exactly that, and not offering people the option to identify themselves as they choose is a barrier that we’re pleased to have removed. Making sure our customers and colleagues feel comfortable and accepted is a real priority for us, that’s why we listened and acted on the feedback we received. We hope that today’s announcement will help encourage others to follow in our footsteps.”


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