HRs can often find that managing people risk is a huge challenge


As the economy emerges once more from recession, the talent war is heating up again, and companies must make an effort to retain, support and care for their biggest asset – their people.

Reward’s sister magazine, StrategicRISK, is examining human capital risk in a new guide, sponsored by AIG, Guide to People Risk.

The guide will look at the main issues around human capital and consider mitigation and risk transfer strategies.

Of particular interest to HRDs, the guide includes information on:

  • Duty of care
    Staff performance and integrity can determine if a company stands or falls
  • The opportunity of analytics
    Big data is giving companies the chance to model staff trends more efficiently
  • Managing people risks
    Understand your culture and you stand a better chance of managing risk to your human capital
  • Business travel
    Companies have a duty of care to their staff and failure to ensure this can have disastrous consequences
  • Flexible working
    If applied shrewdly, flexible working arrangements can give companies a competitive advantage

Reward will be showcasing some of these features over the coming weeks – however, to read the guide in full, CLICK HERE