Gender gap may continue as male millennials see men as 'more effective' leaders

young professionals

According to a new study from Qualtrics, 72% of millennial men prefer to work with other men compared to 66% pf millennial women who prefer to work with other women. The study included millennials (1982-1997), Gen Xers (1965-1981) and baby boomers (1946-1964).

This study is particularly concerning as the hope for getting more females in senior management positions and the reduction of the gender pay gap may not occur in this generation. More than half (62%) of millennial men also showed a preference for the gender of their boss with 40% stating they preferred to have male bosses, compared to only 30% of women who preferred to have female bosses.

This preference seems to stem from who Millennials believe make more effective leaders, 38% of males believe that men make more effective leaders and only 17% believe women make more effective leaders than men.

The majority of women who took part in the study believed that men and women could equally make effective leaders but more than half (59%) didn’t believe that men and women are judged by the same criteria in the workplace, therefore stalling their progression through the workforce.