Julie Ashmore to address the Making Reward Personal audience on her successful career and her expeditions to both North and South Pole

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Full-time mother of two children separated in age by only a year, Julie Ashmore is already juggling family and work commitments. The head of SME lending at HSBC Bank Plc, she is in an incredibly high-powered, time consuming and stressful position.

Readers will be surprised then, that she finds time to fit in any ‘extra-curricular’ activities outside work, family and marathon commute between the two. And yet, Julie has added to the balancing act with her passion for exploration.

Following a successful summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2010 she developed a taste for adventure and went on to ski to the South Pole in 2012, marking the centenary of Captain Scott’s fateful expedition. Despite extreme conditions, Julie completed the polar double with a trip to the North Pole in 2014.

Julie will open Making Reward Personal with her inspiring keynote address, giving give delegates an insight into how she has learned to balance work, family and her many personal achievements and to stay motivated in extreme circumstances. She will also share a brief film of her time in the Antarctic!

Making Reward Personal will take place on Thursday 9th July at Etc. Venues St Pauls. For the rest of the programme, and to register, CLICK HERE