Paul Gambon, sales director, Medicash, asks what the wider benefits of a health cash plan are

health cash plan

A health cash plan can ensure that staff are fit, healthy and in work – thus lowering bottom line costs for a business.

Companies can promote health and wellbeing to their employees through access to a number of everyday benefits – which will benefit both the individual and the business. Moreover, there are a number of cost savings as well as having direct benefits to the business in terms of having fit and healthy staff.

In the case of Cafcass, for example, Medicash looked at how we could help them reduce the cost of absence as far as possible. They were paying for a number of separate elements of healthcare, most of which could be covered more efficiently, and cheaply, via a single health cash plan.

Medicash’s cash plan includes an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). This provides employees with professional support to help them deal with a variety of issues such as financial pressures, stress, anxiety and depression. Telephone and face-to-face counselling combined with online support and a ‘day one’ stress intervention service allows people to access practical and emotional support. This type of early intervention has been proven to return 95% of people to work in less than a fortnight compared with a national average of 23 days absence and was of particular benefit to Cafcass.


A key goal when implementing a health cash plan is working out what your organisation needs and is already paying for and tying it together cost-effectively. Every business will have things that they need or want.

Sometimes employers will look at putting a plan in place to reduce the cost of their PMI policy – or they might look at less tangible savings of a plan, for example the people who they are engaging and retaining because they’re getting a health benefit.

Medicash helps companies examine what they’re already paying for and work out what’s the most suitable plan for them. It could be something bespoke, or it could be that one of our standard plans fits perfectly. We have the flexibility to tailor around their needs.

Medicash and Reward are running a survey on what - if any - healthcare benefits you offer your staff. For more information, and the chance to win a luxury hamper, CLICK HERE

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