Londoners have the lowest percentage of people at risk of a health issue

healthy lifestyle

Data from more than 25,000 employees has revealed that London has the UK’s healthiest employees.

The finding was arrived at following compilation of results of lifestyle, behavioural and clinical risk factors determined by health checks carried out by VitalityHealth (formerly Pru Health).

It finds Londoners had the lowest percentage of people at risk of a health issue (24.2%). By contrast, those in the North East were the least healthy, showing a 30.5% risk of having a health issue.

But it is still not a good picture overall. VitalityHealth found 87% of workers have a ‘Vitality Age’ that is older than their chronological age – with the average difference being three years and ten months. Even Londoners had a Vitality Age three years older than their chronological age.

Greg Levine, director of corporate healthcare at VitalityHealth, said: “Health and wellbeing is playing an increasingly important role in how businesses maximise the productivity and happiness of their workforces. Clearly there are some areas across the UK where companies need to do more but if businesses are able to develop a culture in which wellness programmes are integrated into day-to-day life, the benefits for both employees and the company itself will be quickly realised as productivity is improved and the cost of absenteeism is reduced.”

Scotland – in spite of its reputation for being unhealthy – ­actually came in third-place for being the most healthy, just behind the East of England.