UK productivity is based on personal freedom, finds research


How can you get your staff to focus? Let them shop online and check social media at work, according to new research, “What’s killing UK productivity”, from Red Letter Days for Business.

The research reveals that highly engaged staff take regular short breaks during working hours – or who work from home – and thus when they do sit down to work they are more focused, work longer hours and are more productive. Staff with lower engagement, however, seem to be those who have no flexibility in their working patterns.

Nearly half (48%) of those exhibiting high engagement and productivity say they feel they can take time at work to break for personal activity, such as online shopping or booking a holiday. In fact as many as 46% of highly engaged employees check their social media accounts at work every day.

The survey found that only a third (35%) of employees feel highly engaged at work. However, despite constant innovation in technology, nearly half (43%) have no capability to work from home, although 39% of those who can say they are more productive at home.

“Employees who enjoy more flexibility on timekeeping at work as well as where they work are more engaged, work longer hours and are more productive,” says Bill Alexander, CEO at Red Letter Days for Business.

“The research shows that despite these employees spending more time on personal tasks, when they sit down to do their job they are focused and have a better output. Give staff freedom to switch from office tasks to personal time and it will have a motivating impact on a workforce.”