Reward Live: Former army Brigadier says knowledge is power


Nicky Moffat CBE, recently the British Army’s most senior officer, and now founder of consultancy, What Good Leadership Looks Like, urged business leaders at Reward Live (and particular female leaders) to never shrink from acquiring knowledge and confidence.

She told delegates: “I learned very on, that if I was ever going to succeed [in the Army], I needed knowledge. It gives you a much greater opportunity to grow, and more than this, it gives you confidence, and confidence is what really underpins your success.”

According to Moffat, leaders should not be intimidated by other strong characters – rather should “be one themselves.” She said: “Become a strong character, but also translate what you do into operational language.”

Moffat also spoke of the key role a leader needs to play – to explain the ‘why’. She said: “At one point I was looking after 4,500 people. I needed to be very clear about what people needed to do. That’s when people understand their purpose.”

With this, she said empowerment was also vital. “I call this the ‘what, not how’,” she said. “I tell people what they can do, but by not telling them how, I’m empowering them to take decisions for themselves. In business you soon realise that everyone has talent, and they can bring this to the overarching strategy you set.”