Fear of recrimination prevents employees from calling in sick


In week three of his wellbeing blog, Carl Chapman discussed the importance of job security, and the impact it has on an employee's wellbeing. He commented on the importance of not becoming complacent at work, but equally not having such concerns for your job that it detrimentally affects your performance.

New research has now revealed that presenteeism at work is in a large part fuelled by a lack of job security. According to Canada Life Group Insurance's research, a huge 89% of employees say they have come into work while unwell.

More than one in ten (13%) of employees have attributed this presenteeism to the fact that they do not feel secure enough in their job to take time off, while a further 13% said colleagues and senior members of staff make them feel guilty for taking time off. Almost a third (32%) said their workload is too great for them to take time off for illness.

However, a lack of support and job security is hampering employees' ability to work – two thirds (66%) of staff responding to the survey said they performed worse at work as a result of feeling ill.

And it isn't just their own productivity that these employees hamper in coming into work when ill – many employees say they have become ill after being exposed to an unwell colleague.


Paul Avis, marketing director of Canada Life Group, comments: “Employers need to do more to promote health and wellbeing in their organisation. Not only would this be beneficial to the individual employees’ welfare, it would also benefit the business as a whole in the long run by improving productivity and preventing the spread of illness among co-workers. At a time when recruitment and retention is increasingly crucial, ensuring employees feel valued and secure is a vital element to this.”


Read Carl's blog HERE. Next week he will be examining the impact of a different sort of security – asking how financial security impacts on employee wellbeing.