The head of a jewellery store in Liverpool has decided to remain closed on Boxing Day to give employees more time with their families

christmas party

Despite the festive season and joy of the Christmas parties leading to a relaxed working environment, many workers still struggle to enjoy the Christmas break. Staff in the retail sector often don’t have a healthy work-life balance with the need to still working during the holidays and before because of the longer opening hours.


However, employees at a jewellery store in Liverpool burst in to tears after their boss surprised them with a special Christmas announcement. Peter Wong, managing director of Wongs Jewellers, declared that all staff would be given Boxing Day off.


Wanting to make a stand for workers who deserve time with their families, Wong made the announcement by sharing a video on social media and revealed that the store would be closed on Boxing Day.


He said: “The hot topic of debate at the moment, and one I have close to my heart, is whether businesses should open or not on Boxing Day. In previous years my decision to open was due to the mounting pressure placed on retailers to open for almost 365 days a year.


“However, as a family man I understand the value of spending time with those you love at this most precious time of the year. Therefore I have decided to keep the store closed this Boxing Day, and by doing so make clear on which side of the debate I stand, and allow my fantastic hardworking team the time they deserve with sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents.”


The decision came after over 200,000 people signed a petition calling for stores to be closed on Boxing Day.


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