Rackspace Hosting Inc. keeps its millennials by offering staff perks that reflect the workforce

food in office

Rackspace Hosting Inc. in San Antonio, Texas has introduced some benefits to keep its millennials happy. According to My San Antonio, the organisation brings food trucks to its Windcrest headquarters for lunch in order to ensure staff don’t have to travel off-site for the Duk Truck’s DUK Tacos. The company also has indoor jogging trails and a basketball court so they can work it off after.

Matthew McCarter, management professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio said: “You want to keep your workers happy. You want them to feel that they fit with the purpose of the organization because if the organization’s goals and the worker’s goals are not satisfied, you don’t have as high of performance usually.”

He added that one way to keep workers happy is to know what they like. The benefits package should depend on the workplace and priorities of the staff.

The IT company currently has 52% of its workforce as millennials and they have enhanced their benefits to best fit its employees. According to Fortune, one millennial employee at the company said: “Training and growing is not just available, there is a sense that everyone is looking for ways to challenge themselves and continue to develop, personally and professionally.

“Rackers can spend time shadowing any other role in the company to learn and grow professionally, expanding their views of the company. There is ample room given by leadership for Rackers to take initiative, find problems and be part of the solution to that problem. We have perks: a rec centre, coffee shop, food trucks twice a week, company-wide health competitions, room for personal expression, etc. But the best part is anticipation each day of the work we do with people we care about for customers who depend on us for their business to run.”

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