New research has found that over half of British workers’ personal lives are negatively affected by work.

working parent

British workers are losing touch with their home lives – missing birthdays and important milestones all because of work. New research by staffing app Coople revealed that work overload is having a negative impact on 51% of Brits’ personal lives.

The research showed that poor work-life balance has eben detrimental to paretns’ relationships with their children and 11% said working late and not ‘switching off’ has distanced them from their young ones. The poll also found that one in five (20%) say their work schedule has made them miss an important moment in their child’s life, such as a birthday party (8%) or an important school event (12%).

Jacques de la Bouillerie, MD of Coople, commented: “This research has highlighted some concerning issues within the British working lifestyle, and it’s sad to see that people are missing their kids’ birthdays and important life events as a result of rigid work arrangements. These are once-in-a-lifetime occasions, so companies should be doing their best to make sure their staff are getting sufficient time off to spend with their family, friends and partners”.

Staggeringly, 28% of those that admitted to missing these important events have done so more than five times during their working life. 10% say they have missed their child’s event once, 26% say they have done so twice, 29% three times, and 7% admit they’ve done so four times.

De la Bouillerie added: “It really highlights the detrimental effects of employment without flexibility. I believe there is a strong link between companies that emphasise an excellent work-life balance, and their staffs' productivity, happiness and loyalty in the workplace.

“Hopefully this research will serve as a wake up call to businesses across the UK to recognise and prioritise the importance of their staffs' personal wellbeing, and to put the right structures in place to create a better work-life balance”.