With temperatures still high, ACAS has issued advice for employers on keeping staff cool


With warm temperatures set to continue this week, ACAS has launched a guide for employers about how to deal with excessive heat.

The guidance follows last week’s heat wave, where temperatures peaked at nearly 37 degrees.

Amongst the suggestion are that offices must be ‘reasonable' in temperature - a step up on previous guidance. For although there are no maximum limits for when it is deemed too hot to be able to work (there are minimum temperatures workplaces must comply with), the advice suggests employers carry out a ‘thermal comfort risk assessment’.

It also suggests using blinds to shade offices from sunlight, using fans, and encouraging a relaxing of dress code.

Again, while employers are under no formal obligation to relax their work-ware policies, the ACAS guide advises employers to take a pragmatic approach.

For vulnerable workers – such as older workers, or those who are pregnant, it suggests more breaks, and looking much harder at ventilation.

Acas head of guidance, Stewart Gee said: “Our new advice published offers some top tips for employers to help ensure their businesses remain productive, whilst keeping staff happy too.”