Health Cash Plan providers are going above and beyond to keep up with today’s fast-paced lifestyles, as Courtney Marsh explains

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Health Cash Plan providers are constantly innovating and enhancing their benefit offerings to meet the changing needs of employers and the modern lifestyle of employees. They are introducing new benefits to speed-up access to professional healthcare support and provide preventative services that can help employees to proactively look after their health and wellbeing.


Here, we take a closer look at some of the new and traditional Health Cash Plan benefits that can help organisations of all shapes and sizes to reduce sickness absence, improve workforce health and increase employee morale, retention and productivity.


Popular Health Cash Plan benefits

Health Cash Plans enable employees to claim cashback up to annual limits for everyday healthcare costs such as dental, optical, physiotherapy and chiropody treatments. Popular with employees and employers alike, these core benefits encourage employees to have regular check-ups that can help to identify and prevent problems at an early stage.


At Health Shield, we paid 534,000 claims in 2016 to our 270,000+ members. A closer look at our figures highlights the core benefit claims that are a fundamental part of Health Cash Plans and really matter to our members:



  • 32% dental (check-ups, treatments & tooth whitening)
  • 30% physiotherapy & chiropody (includes 21 alternative therapies)
  • 19% optical (eye tests, laser eye surgery & prescription glasses)
  • 2% hospital stays (overnight stays for inpatients and stays with children)
  • 17% others (includes health screens, X-rays and specialist consultations)


Keeping up with a fast-moving world

While traditional benefits remain at the heart of Health Cash Plans, providers are constantly innovating to provide affordable, market-leading benefits. The competition is fierce with many providers looking to meet the needs and budgets of employers and support employees with benefits that fit around their work commitments and busy lifestyles. These are just a few of the relatively new benefits being offered:


  1. Virtual GP Surgery – It’s not always easy to get an appointment to see your GP, especially at short notice. This 24/7 service enables employees to call a GP, any time of the day or night, so they can quickly and easily access support without taking time off work.
  2. 24/7 counselling & support helplines – Stress and financial worries can lead to sleepless nights and distracted minds. Here, employees can call qualified professionals to get advice about a variety of issues.
  3. Online health portals – Designed to help employees look after their everyday health and improve their lifestyle, these portals are packed full of resources, videos, health information and advice, personal coaching and health assessments.
  4. Physio Triage – Provides telephone advice, support and referrals to help employees with musculoskeletal injuries to manage their condition and receive treatment as quickly as possible.
  5. Home assistance cover – Helps employees (and their parents) to get back on their feet after a hospital stay of two or more nights by providing up to 14 hours of paid personal care or domestic assistance.
  6. Cancer screening – There’s nothing more important than your health. But it’s all too easy to put off vital health checks. This service can detect the early stages of the six most common types of cancer and provide early diagnosis which can have a significant impact on survival rates.
  7. Workplace health screening – one of the newest products to be introduced, this service provides health checks in the workplace to identify health issues and helps employers manage the long-term health and wellbeing of all their employees.


Meeting the needs of modern employers

Many employers appreciate the value of going above and beyond their duty of care to proactively look after the long-term health and wellbeing of their employees.


With such a wide range of bespoke Health Cash Plans available in today’s marketplace, it’s natural for the choice of advanced benefits to continue to grow. However, it’s apparent that the core everyday benefits such as dental, optical and physiotherapy remain an essential part of Health Cash Plans.


So, why not take a closer look at a popular reward that’s designed for the modern lifestyle and healthcare needs of your employees?

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