Time to focus on wellbeing and employee happiness, says charity

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Being at work is the most common cause of decreased happiness for a fifth of UK adults, according to health, wellbeing and education charity, Central YMCA.

The charity has emphasised the importance of employers supporting wellbeing in the workplace, as well as helping employees achieve a good work-life balance: especially as over half (56%) of respondents said that they feel their wellbeing peaks when spending time with family.

The research also revealed that higher levels of mental stimulation and engagement at work significantly impacts wellbeing – tying in with recent figures from AXA PPP Healthcare which show that 32% of SMEs find a lack of passion for the job impacts employee productivity.

Commenting on the findings, Rosi Prescott, CEO of Central YMCA, said: “Gone are the days of it being seen as acceptable for employees to work all the hours under the sun. Priorities are changing now, with a new generation of millennial workers bringing a new perspective to the workplace – often valuing ‘soft benefits’ like flexitime, access to additional training, gym memberships and a better work-life balance more than monetary benefits such as bonuses.

The challenge for employers now is how they can make the workplace somewhere where people feel good and therefore more motivated and energised.

Those employers that are able to foster better wellbeing and a high level of mental stimulation for their employees will reap the benefits that a happier workforce brings – often more likely to stay in the job and be more productive, friendly, relaxed and creative.”