Better utilisation of group risk services would improve stress management.

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In order to improve stress management, Group Risk Development (GRiD) is calling for better utilisation of benefits available within employers’ incumbent group risk protection.

Approximately 11.5 million people are covered by a group risk policy and GRiD’s research shows that 50% of workers do not utilise the benefits. It is apparent that employers are sometimes oblivious of the perks or unaware of how to access them.

The combination of benefits within group risk policies often offers different support to specifically target stress such as mental health first aid training, counselling and Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs). They are often available on an everyday basis to the entire workforce, including line managers, employers and employees.

It is essential for employers to communicate clearly what is included under a group risk policy and the benefits available to staff. This ensures that employees are aware of what is being offered and encourages regular utilisation. In reality, effective usage by staff can reduce claims and is more beneficial to a firm in the long term.

Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for GRiD, says:  “Stress is one of the biggest causes of absence in the UK, but there is support available – for both employers and their staff. It is important that employers and employees realise these policies are not just there for when they need to make a claim.

“A wealth of support is available at no extra cost that can offer great help across many areas and, specifically, in managing stress. It is encouraging that many employers do utilise this support, but there is clearly still work to be done to encourage a greater number of employers to take full advantage of these services.

“Our message to help employers improve stress management is this: get to know what help is offered within your group risk protection policies and encourage your employees and line managers to utilise it.”

To find out more about group risk, come along to Reward Live where Katharine Moxham will be discussing employee absence and wellbeing. It will be taking place on 11-12 May at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham. For more details, CLICK HERE