Barclays uncovers what it is about work that makes employees happy


While it’s well-known reward packages play an important attraction and retention role, the extent to which they provide ‘happiness’ in the workplace has been pipped to the post by having great colleagues, according to new research.

A Barclays survey has found ‘getting on well with colleagues’ is the top quality that makes staff happy at work, with 26% of respondents picking this.

Although having a good work-life balance comes in at second place (from 24% of respondents), the top six is dominated by softer aspects, such as wanting to feel they do 'something they believe in' (21%); wanting to do something 'useful' (20%); 'using their brains' (also 20%); and having a 'good office atmosphere' (17%).

Being well rewarded (financially) came in at 7th, followed by having good flexible working conditions.

Kirstie Mackey, head of LifeSkills, Barclays, said: “It’s interesting to see that such a broad range of factors make people happy at work. It’s also telling environmental factors are so important.”

She added: “It’s vital businesses recognise what it is that employees are looking for, so they can create a happy, engaged workforce.”