Working dads asking for more help with care responsibilities

working parent

Research by My Family Care has revealed two-thirds of working dads say they don’t have working patterns that suit their caring responsibilities.

It also found a quarter of dads were unhappy with their work-life balance.

The research, shared to HRD directors at a dedicated round-table event this week, was designed to shine a spotlight on the often unspoken issues faced by new dads in the workplace, not just mothers.

Speaking at the event, Helene Reardon Bond, head of gender equality policy and inclusion at the government Equalities Office said: “We can’t have gender equality without including men too. Organisations need to be much more vocal about the way they can include men into the care of children.”

My Family Care’s research finds 50% of new dads said being able to work from home just one day a week would make a “huge difference” to them.

Speaking at the event, Richard Speight, UK HRD at Bank of America Merrill Lynch said: “All employees want successful working lives. As chair of the bank’s parents and carers network, we’ve seen the real difference our coaching for new fathers has made. As well as providing knowledge for new dads, sessions like this have really helped us understand the needs of dads in our organisation.”

Added Catherine Oliver, founder of Sky’s Parents Network: “We have 1,400 people signed up, but attribute our success to very deliberately calling this a ‘parents’ network, not a ‘mothers’ one. Men and women need an equal voice when discussing parenting and how it impacts their work.”