Halfords’ cycle-to-work offering reaches out to all employees, says Lucie Davis, head of Cycle2Work


Cycling has become incredibly popular with the British public, whether from the Olympics or the Tour de France –and it’s becoming something that employees almost expect to see in their benefits.

Halfords’ cycle-to-work offering (Cycle2work) can make that happen for all employees in a workplace, regardless of their wage band, and we believe our scheme delivers real value.

With over 11 years of experience in the market, we’ve distilled all our experience into ten top reasons to choose our Cycle2work scheme:

  • Huge access to bike shops – 465+ Halfords shops and 700+ Independent bike retailers
  • 20% discount card for accessories and servicing*
  • Nil-cost, fully-managed end of hire
  • A unique solution for National Minimum Wage workers
  • Retrospective invoicing rather than up-front payment*
  • A free one-year bike care plan*
  • Special monthly offers for scheme participants
  • 10% off gift cards
  • Onsite servicing and road shows
  • Dedicated marketing and account management support

It is the fourth reason that is one of the most important elements of our scheme. According to HMRC, if a workplace has a cycle-to-work scheme, the scheme must be available to all employees generally – including those on National Minimum Wage.

Our solution sits outside of salary sacrifice and thus allows all employees to access a loan cycle. It is a simple solution that we fully manage for the employer at zero cost – giving them the peace of mind that they fulfil the regulations.

Taxation and legislation can be confusing to time-pressed HRs, so from the employer point of view we have brought a solution to them that removes many of the perceived barriers. And for employees the benefits of having a scheme in place are manifold: cycling to work is a great way to save money, keep fit and help the environment.

Employees can make key savings on tax and NI, as well as taking advantage of our discounts and promotions, saving time and money on other transport.

We work closely with clients to ensure their employees understand the benefits – tailoring the communications to connect with as many employees as possible.

For further information visit us online at cycle2work.info or call 0345 504 6444.

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