Judith Grant, group head of occupational health & wellbeing, Royal Mail Group will discuss their mental health programme.

mental health

According to new research by CIPD, almost a third (31%) of employees surveyed said they have experienced a mental health problem at some point during their working life, compared with a quarter (26%) in 2011. Despite this increase, the majority of employees still not feel that mental health issues are supported well enough at work.

Mental health is increasingly recognised as a critical aspect of wellbeing yet some organisations are still not taking the correct steps. Ensuring staff are looked after in all aspects of wellbeing is essential to not only their own health but also in terms of productivity and absenteeism levels.

Reward’s Wellbeing in the Workplace (28th September) will have Judith Grant, group head of occupational health & wellbeing, Royal Mail Group as a keynote speaker to discuss the importance of this.

This closing session at 16:15pm will see Grant explain how Royal Mail took a proactive approach to boosting its employees’ mental health. She will discuss their First Class Mental Health programme and its impact.

From physical wellbeing, fitness and rehabilitation to mental wellbeing and stress, or even financial wellbeing of employees, Reward’s WITW will have case studies and expert speakers who will provide an insight into creating a strategy that will meet the needs of all your workforce.

Wellbeing in the Workplace takes place on 28th September 2016 at The Lowry in Manchester. To register to attend, CLICK HERE.