Keeping employees happy during the summer time can easily be achieved with the introduction of a few summer perks


Summertime is important to most UK office workers, especially considering the unpredictability of the British Summertime. Keeping a workforce engaged, motivated and happy can easily be done with the introduction a few summer perks.

According to research by Andrews Air Conditioning, when asked what office perks office workers would want, the most popular answers were free tea and coffee (59%), free fruit and snacks (51%) and the ability to work from home (43%). However, nearly half (49%) of office workers aren’t offered summer perks by their employer. Civil servants make up the largest proportion of those who don’t receive office perks at 32%, whereas financial sector workers are the smallest proportion at 13%.

Employees are also willing to sacrifice a part of their wage in order to receive summer perks. More than one in ten (16%) of employees admitted they would surrender up to £500 of their annual salary for the chance to receive summer perks, a further 14% would forfeit an astounding £5000 and 15% would give up their bonuses altogether.

Considering the lengths employees are willing to go to get these summer perks, employers need to start to think of ways to appease their staff. This can be as simple as introducing summer hours, which 39% of larger companies of 250-1000 already do or permitting a more relaxed dress code for those particularly sweltering days.

Summer perks don’t have to cost an exorbitant amount but they will boost staff morale. The study found that 20% of office workers admitted they would work harder if they had summer hours and more flexibility, whilst 37% would feel more motivated in their work and almost half (46%) would be happier overall at work, creating a better work environment.