Poll finds employees would accept a 10-20% pay cut to work from home


Further evidence of the benefits of flexible working have been revealed by new research, which argues employees are actually ‘more’ productive and have better ideas when they’re not actually in the office.

According to a poll by of 2,400 employees by FlexJobs, less than a quarter (24%) said they got their best work done sitting at their office desks.

It found 50% said they did their best work while working from home, while 12% said it was their local coffee shop or other public spaces.

Worse still, a significant 14% admitted they could only work productively in the office once everyone else had gone home.

“Companies should be  concerned when they hear employees don’t consider their normal workday in the office to be the best time or place to be productive on important work projects,” said Sara Sutton Fell, founder, FlexJobs.

She added: “Employer should also take a step back to evaluate whether their workspaces are really supporting productivity or hindering it. Why arbitrarily require people to work from somewhere that would make them less effective?”

Not only did the poll find most workers work less productively in the office, it also found 30% of respondents would be willing to take a pay cut of 10-20% just to be able to work outside their office.

Some 42% said they’d even give up all of their other staff perks to be able to work from home.

The things employees hated most about their office was interruptions from other colleagues (76%) and distractions in general (74%).