HRDs expect employees to call in sick, following the England vs Wales game on 16th June

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Approximately three quarters (73%) of UK HR directors believe employees are likely to make an excuse for skipping work or call in sick, according to research by Robert Half. This is expected to occur the day after a major sporting event such as the UEFA Euro 2016, with more than a fifth (21%) of HRDs considering it “very likely.”

Companies are anticipating a large number of employees missing on Friday 17th as a result of ‘sporting sickies’. In the Euro league table of ‘sporting sickies’, the UK ranks second only to Germany. 79% of HRDs in Germany believe staff will call in sick, followed by the UK, Belgium (69%) and France (63%).

However, whilst many firms are worries about the Euro 2016 games, others are embracing it as an opportunity to engage and motivate employees. HR leaders recognise that hosting company viewings around big sporting spectacles, such as the European Championships, can deliver real business benefits.  (88%) of HR executives believe there are benefits of using sporting events to boost morale, employee motivation (46%) and employee engagement (41%).

Phil Sheridan, UK senior managing director of Robert Half UK, commented: “Companies are increasingly recognising the impact an engaged and motivated workforce can have in achieving business goals and positively impacting the bottom line.

“As excitement for the UEFA tournament builds, employers who plan ahead and incorporate the matches into their company events calendar will benefit from an increase in employee morale and job satisfaction. Other activities to consider include flexible work schedules, remote working and late starts to balance work priorities with national pride over the course of the tournament.”