Majority of employees could be convinced to cycle to work if given employer support.


Six in ten employees would cycle to work with right employer support, according to a new survey by benefits provider Edenred. The key barrier to commuting appears to be a lack of facilities in the workplace, i.e. a location to keep the bike safely, somewhere to shower and access to a hairdryer.

The research revealed that despite two thirds of employees believing they are fit enough to cycle to work, 63% have never done so. It also found that 67% of employees appeared to live within cycling distance of work. These statistics demonstrate that there is a potential for employers to encourage cycling schemes and employee wellbeing.

Responses by employees about them opting not to cycle varied. 82% of the workforce claimed they didn’t feel properly informed about how their employer supports wellbeing at work, whilst 22% did not own a roadworthy bike. Almost half of employees (42%) also said they would be interested in a scheme, if their employer offered one.

A previous study by Edenred found that cycling to work is vital for employee wellbeing and performance. It was found to have a direct impact on how well organisations perform and proven to have positive effects such as a reduction in sick days, improved engagement and general resilience levels.

Andy Philpott, sales and marketing director at Edenred, commented: “Cycle-to-work is an area where everyone gains, so it makes sense for organisations of all sizes to offer their employees the right scheme. Employers benefit from the improved business performance, which goes hand-in-hand with a healthier, more resilient workforce who take less time off sick each year.

“With so many employees willing to join a scheme, employers are in a better position than ever to maximise take-up by providing the right level of support, information and facilities.”

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