HRs find engagement difficult to measure and even harder to report back to key decision makers


Oracle’s second Simply Talent research has found employee engagement remains a difficult concept to gauge, with organisations unclear about how to quantify the benefits of engagement programmes in the boardroom.

According to the data, there is widespread appreciation that good engagement is strategically important (this is agreed by 93% of respondents), but significantly fewer believe it is an easy concept to measure still.

Some 31% say establishing the direct impact of engagement schemes is actually ‘difficult to measure’, with a further 30% saying this makes it hard to demonstrate to key decision makers.

The survey finds only 37% of businesses use advanced data analytics to measure engagement, with the vast majority (68%) saying the rely on standard staff surveys to measure it.

Andy Campbell, Oracle’s director of HCM strategy said: “HR must take greater responsibility in championing engagement across the boardroom and using it to help shape the workplace of the future.”

The conclusion of the report is that it is still mainly 'anecdotally' that HR teams understand the benefits of engagement.

It finds 65% of HR departments say they believe good, engaged staff positively impact collaboration amongst teams, while 60% believe it contributes to improved customer satisfaction.

Campbell added: “Many businesses are not investing in strategies and technologies that allow them to effectively measure, report, and drive engagement across the business.”