Since the announcement of the consultation into salary sacrifice in the summer of 2016, Tusker, the Car Benefit People, have been lobbying to protect the car industry from drastic Government legislative changes. Their CEO, David Hosking, has been integral to this, holding over 65 meetings with Ministers and Government advisors.

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At the FN50 Awards, David was awarded the prestigious John Leigh Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition of his work with the Government and the favourable outcome he has helped achieve for the car industry as a whole.

Then just two days later, the Fleet Hero Awards also recognised David’s contribution to the industry, with the award of Unsung Fleet Hero. 

The original proposals put forward in the Government’s consultation would have had a significant impact on the industry, removing many of the tax efficiencies enjoyed on salary sacrifice cars, particularly for Ultra Low Emitting Vehicles (ULEVs).

David campaigned for a different treatment for all cars, including ULEVs, which would align them with other protected benefits, including childcare vouchers and Cycle to Work schemes. He was successful. In April 2017, new rules were put in place for a number of other salary sacrifice products, however, cars were treated differently.

Most recently, in September 2017, following clarification on the legislation, Tusker were able to announce that the tax changes brought in during the Finance Act in April, were in fact, significantly less impactful than many thought. Tax and National Insurance (NI) savings are still available on 98% of the vehicles that Tusker typically offer via salary sacrifice, with employer NI savings remaining on over half.

Commenting on the awards, David Hosking says “I’m thrilled to have received these awards which recognise all the work that everyone at Tusker has done to help secure the future of salary sacrifice car schemes. I’m also delighted to see that Tusker have moved up the FN50 ranking to 13th in recognition of our growth and success this last year. Now that we have certainty on the legislation and salary sacrifice for cars can continue, the future is looking brighter than ever.”

Tusker are the market leaders in Car Benefit Schemes via salary sacrifice. They provide brand new cars to employees in both the public and private sectors, which come complete with insurance, road tax, breakdown cover, tyres, servicing and maintenance.

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