Helen Swire says farewell as she moves to pastures new

moving jobs

Almost four years to the day since my arrival at Reward as a reporter, this is my last issue as I hang up my HR hat and move to journalistic pastures new.

Coming straight from a languages degree, this job has been quite the learning curve for me – in 2013 I didn’t know what a group risk product was and I thought nothing big could happen to pensions after auto-enrolment (how wrong I was…).

Now, toughened up by numerous budget statements and more than one election, I don’t even flinch (much) at changes to tax legislation – it’s all in a day’s work.

But aside from the topic-learning, it’s been a very personal education for me about the workplace. Reward’s former editor, Maggie Williams, led by example in both nurturing and developing me: lessons that I took forward as I became a line manager to the new talent joining us. And through the ups and downs that life can throw at any employee – from exciting achievements to family bereavements – the team here has been like a family: open, welcoming and supportive.

As we talk more and more about wellbeing, it’s important for employers to realise that when their staff spend so much of their time in the workplace, they need to be happy and engaged if they are to be healthy and productive.

Have you achieved this in your workplace? Wellness is about much more than fresh fruit in the kitchen or a reduced gym membership – but it’s a concept attainable for all businesses that take the time to talk to staff about their needs. Reward will be examining this conversation at Wellbeing in the Workplace, this year taking place both in Manchester (28 September) and London (27 November).

So, that’s all from me – a huge thanks to all who have made my time here so rewarding. (I’ve been waiting for four years to make that joke…)