UK workers have always chased their 'Dream Job', but as trends and expectations change, employees should really be looking for jobs in their Dream Companies

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Traditionally employees have spent the majority of their career chasing their Dream Job in hopes of achieving the feeling of fulfilment and happiness at work. However, the Business Benefits of Being a Dream Company report, published today by Bright Horizons has found that the path to fulfilment and happiness doesn’t always relate to the job but instead the company a person works for.

Dream companies are organisations that care about employee wellbeing, provide opportunities to learn and grown and promote a healthy work-life balance. The study found that dream companies specifically:

  • Invest in career development: 70% of employees in Dream Companies agree that their organisation provides them with opportunities for learning and growth, versus 45% of those not in Dream Companies
  • Have supportive managers: More than 75% of Dream Company employees said their line managers make them feel comfortable bringing up family issues and truly care about the impact of work on their personal lives
  • Give employees meaningful control over work: 80% of employees at Dream Companies feel they have the ability to provide input into matters that affect their work and acknowledge that their organisation fosters an atmosphere of transparency and honest communication
  • Respect employees’ time: Employees at Dream Companies are 32% more likely to say meetings at their company are productive, and more than twice as likely to say communication among team members is effective
  • Offer more benefits: Dream Companies use supportive benefits to create conditions for success including childcare, eldercare, wellness programmes, 24-hour employee advice lines and gyms 
  • Support life outside of work: Dream Companies have clearly communicated support - via policies, programmes, and culture - for managing personal responsibilities. As a result, their employees have life satisfaction scores that are substantially higher than those not in Dream Companies

The investment these Dream companies make into their employees’ wellbeing has a substantial payoff, with 72% of employees reporting high levels of job satisfaction and 57% of workers expressing their intent on staying with their organisation in the long-term compared to 30% of those who chose their Dream Jobs. Of those who chose to pursue their Dream job, 39% said they had considered looking for a new job the month before, as opposed to just 12% of workers working for their Dream company.

James Tugendhat, managing director of Bright Horizons, comments: “It’s clear that today’s workforce has a stronger-than-ever desire to be supported personally as well as professionally. Our research shows that Dream Companies are rebooting traditional working practices, offering employees a robust support network and getting ahead of the curve in recruiting talented people. For the modern workforce, it is impossible to overstate the positive impact of an understanding and supportive employer.”