UK businesses are feeling the impact of a skills shortage


Organisations are struggling to cope with the increasing skills shortage. Approximately two-thirds of businesses are reporting struggles to fill at least one digital skills vacancy over the past 12 months, according to according to Gibbs S3. This is costing the UK economy £63bn a year.

With the UK needing over 745,000 additional professionals with digital skills to cope with the increasing demand between 2013 and 2017; businesses are likely to struggle even further to source workers.

Farida Gibbs, CEO and founder of Gibbs S3, commented: “UK businesses are well aware of the digital skills crisis, as it is negatively impacts business critical projects. The need to cater to the digital native millennial generation is dominating boardroom level discussions, but many businesses are having difficulty to access the skillsets that are crucial to these developments.

“A new approach is needed to attain the right skills, scaling the workforce up and down on a ‘skills as a service’ model. This is where businesses should consider looking to a hybrid approach to their workforce solutions, combining traditional staffing with a project-based consultancy approach. This not only reduces risk for businesses, but it also gives them the flexibility they need to succeed in the digital economy, while having access to the best talent on the market.”