B-Reel has reinvented the ‘claw’ game to make recruitment more fun and interactive


Looking for a job can be extremely tough and begin to feel like it’s a game of luck. Creative agency B-Reel has put a new spin on how applicants can receive a job interview by comparing this idea to The Claw arcade game. To win, users – or in this case applicants – need a combination of luck, timing and a strategy in place.

Making the metaphor literal, the agency has designed a recruitment tool called “Claw Your Way to the Top.” According to the Fast Company, the game allows users to play and win job interviews for different positions at the company. As users win, they can have different types of interviews, from video calls with the management all the way to the chief creative officer.

Yet, it doesn’t stop there. The best part is that when players move the claw, they’ll also be moving a physical claw in B-Reel’s New York offices. Over six months, they have built a functional Claw machine filled with 3-D printed toys that have codes to respond to different types of interviews. The Claw sensors allow the code to be picked up and send it to the internet so players can see their prize in real time.

B-Reel’s managing director, Andy Williams, commented: 'We like to have fun with seemingly the most mundane things. Recruitment can be a bit of a drab, sterile place, and The Claw pokes fun at the luck involved when getting jobs.'

The agency hopes to have the game up for approximately six weeks or so.

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