Co-founder and director of Moneypenny, Rachel Clacher, will look at how to create the best office environment for employees

office fun

The office environment can have a major impact on employee performance and productivity. It can drastically change an organisation’s success, simply based on how staff feel.

Organisations are often aware that a more relaxing and enjoyable environment has the potential to boost productivity. Outsourced telephone reception service Moneypenny has just spent £13million to create the ultimate home for its growing team.

Using this as a case study, Rachel Clacher, co-founder and director of MoneyPenny, will be speaking at Reward’s Wellbeing in the Workplace (28th September) event in Manchester to explain this further.

Her session at 14.35pm will discuss the importance of pubs, fresh air and tree houses in making Moneypenny a world leader in its field, and one of the Top 5 Best Companies to Work For in the UK.

From physical wellbeing, fitness and rehabilitation to mental wellbeing and stress, or even financial wellbeing of employees, Reward’s WITW will have case studies and expert speakers who will provide an insight into creating a strategy that will meet the needs of all your workforce.

Wellbeing in the Workplace takes place on 28th September 2016 at The Lowry in Manchester. To register to attend, CLICK HERE.