Digital gift cards topping the employee Christmas list


Employee gifting is moving into the digital age, according to research from Giftcloud. When asked what they would be giving employees for Christmas, a quarter of those employers indulging in seasonal reward replied, ‘digital gift cards or instant rewards’.

The research revealed that the traditional Christmas bonus is far less popular, with only 16% of employers giving a financial reward.

Digital gifting is becoming increasingly popular due to the ease of usage, with those who give digital rewards saying that they are easier for staff members to use when they wish (71%) and the instant buy and send is convenient for the employer (50%).

Christmas reward is very popular as employers believe it increases motivation and engagement – however nearly half (47%) of UK employers don’t give their staff a Christmas gift.

Greg LeTocq, the founder of Giftcloud, commented: “We’re shocked by how many employers don’t treat their employees at Christmas, particularly as it’s the main time of the year to show thanks and appreciation. Showing someone that you’re grateful for their consistently hard work goes a long way in building employee morale, which builds respect and makes them want to continue to work hard.”

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