The owner of Tiens Group treated 2,500 employees to a holiday in Spain


Approximately two and a half thousand Chinese workers have been enjoying the sun in Madrid after their boss decided to take them on a £5.5m Spanish holiday.

Li Jinyuan, the billionaire owner of Tiens Group, charted 20 planes and booked 1,650 hotel rooms for his employees. Following their holiday, the staff will board four high-speed trains to Barcelona.

According to The Guardian, Li Zongmin, the magnate’s son and direct-sales firm’s vice-president, commented: “We chose Spain because the people are warm, friendly and passionate. Furthermore, the food is delicious.”

And this isn’t the first time Tiens have done this. Last year, France rolled out the red carpet for Jinyuan after he sent more than 6,400 of his employees there to visit the country.

It seems as though it is becoming a Chinese trait. Last May, Infinitus rewarded 12,700 workers by sending them on an expenses-paid trip to Thailand.



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