The CEO and co-founder of Boxed has offered to pay for staff weddings up to $20,000


The CEO of an e-commerce platform has offered to pay for an employee’s wedding. Boxed, that sells household items and groceries, decided to implement the benefit after one employee really needed it.

According to ABC, the employee Marcel Graham needed the help as his mother was gravely ill and he was struggling to pay for her expenses as well as save for his big day – as he wanted her to be apart of the wedding.

Chieh Huang, CEO and co-founder of Boxed, decided to let Graham and his fiancé Tara Aucoin know that Boxed would be paying for their big day. Huang then surprised the rest of the staff by deciding to reimburse any full-time employee for their wedding up to $20,000.

Speaking to Inc., Huang said: “[I thought], I'm gonna do the right thing and change this man's life. We got his fiancée to come in and surprised him; it was water works all around. This is the stuff I enjoy, doing good.

'We don't do free meals, we don't do $10,000 happy hours, we're lean all around. We don't have extravagant salaries, but we focus on a few fringe benefits. It's not like we're providing $25,000 in annual benefits for each employee; this is very targeted. Culture is so important to us and if I can help an employee in a bad situation, it benefits the culture and benefits the entire company.'

But this isn’t the first time Boxed have had this type of benefit. Last year, Huang noticed that only two people out of 20 could afford private transportation to work. He said: “Even if we doubled their salary, these people couldn’t afford a car or a college education for their kids. So I decided to do something about it.”

Boxed personally pays for the college tuition of the children of his employees and also offers unlimited maternity and paternity paid leave.

He added:  “Our goal is strengthen the overall employer-employee bond. I think paying for college tuition and wedding expenses helps us do that,” says Huang.

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