A CEO is paying employees to sleep and have adequate rest.

man on desk

Lack of sleep often leads to a drop in productivity levels across all office work. This often affects efficiency so one CEO created a scheme to change that.

Mark Bertolini, the chairman and CEO of health company Aetna, is introducing a program which encourages staff to sleep a good amount for a payment in return. Speaking to CNBC, he said: “Being present in the workplace and making better decisions has a lot to do with our business fundamentals. You can't be prepared if you're half-asleep.

'If they can prove they get 20 nights of sleep for seven hours or more in a row, we will give them $25 a night, up $500 a year.”

Using data from health observing technology such as Fitbits, employees can monitor their sleep in order to achieve the targets. Bertolini added that he’s seen “69 minutes more a month of [staff] productivity on the part of us just investing in wellness and mindfulness.

'If we can make … business fundamentals better by investing in our people, then that's going to show up in our revenue. It's going to show up in our bottom line and the Street's confidence that we can do it quarter, after quarter, after quarter; year after year.'

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