Employee engagement is at the heart of Snowflake Gelato with their new Snowballs scheme.


The food industry consists of long hours and robotic work, so it comes as no surprise that many companies will have a high staff turnover rate and negative customer feedback. Ice cream boutique Snowflake Gelato, understands that in order to be ‘serving happiness’, it is essential to keep employees happy.

Tim Field, marketing and sales manager at Snowflake Gelato, spoke to Reward about the improvements they have made. “When I joined the company about a year and 4 months ago, we were going through quite a high turnover with regards to our staff and so we started to ask ourselves a) how do we retain our staff? and b) how do we make them feel part of a brand and build sort of a community within that brand?”

In order to tackle the issue, Snowflake Gelato introduced a scheme called Snowballs. As a part of the company’s engagement programme, it is a points system that rewards staff for delivering outstanding customer service and recognising personal development. Upon receiving a specific number of Snowballs, staff receive a monetary bonus to bolster up their pay.

Asking Field about the impact it had on staff, he said: “It’s been really positive and turnover is much better than it was before. We’ve had people who are with us now for over a year and the average when I joined was 3-4 months, so it’s dramatically improved on that side of things.

“It [offers] a way for them to progress within the company. In this industry it’s difficult to pay high hourly wages so if we can think of a slightly more creative way of rewarding staff – for example with a little bonus at the end of the month or with Perkbox –  then this is a way that we can reward them.”

Employees can use Perkbox to access over a hundred recreational and salary sacrifice perks such as free spa days, cinema tickets and much more. Staff birthdays are also recognised with free food and drink, alongside the celebration of company anniversaries and milestones at company socials.

It seems that Snowflake Gelato are along the right lines in terms of motivating and engaging employees, however it doesn’t stop there.

Field concluded: “Something that I want to start to introduce is to speak to universities about offering an ambassador role within Snowflake for people who might be looking for a career within the food industry.

“[As] a small enough business in the food sector run, we’ve got the opportunity to teach people first hand, rather than [offering] to shadow someone - they can actually make a difference and raise awareness as well.” 

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