Kelly Services has guided employees through auto-enrolment with dedicated pension communications


Kelly services started preparation for automatic pensions enrolment a full year in advance of their staging date in April 2013, partnering with NEST to provide for the company’s 1,400 temporary and permanent workers. It experienced a standard 10% opt-out rate, but some opt-ins as well.

Katie Ivie, HR director at Kelly Services, understood the importance of good communications. “We made sure that we told our workers exactly what was happening. As well as meeting our statutory communication requirements, we provided Q&A factsheets on the intranet and held training sessions with managers so they could cascade the information,” she explains.

“We also held surgeries, provided a dedicated email account for queries and even included information on workers’ e-payslips.”

With so many different forms of dedicated communications, Kelly Services’ employee feedback about their pension has been positive.

“It’s had a positive impact on morale. Not only is there a sense of relief that they’ve started saving for their future but there’s something about working together,” Ivie says. “Building a retirement makes workers feel supported.”