Esland Care rewards and retains staff by helping them make key day-to-day lifestyle savings


“The sector we work in is residential childcare, where there’s a high turnover of staff,” says Josh Stamp, business director at Esland Care. “We wanted to reinforce retention to make sure that the people we’d taken on and spent time and resources on recruiting were going to be connected with us over the coming years.”

With this in mind, Esland has partnered with Perkbox to give employees treats and discounts for their day-to-day lives, in a one-stop way. As well as savings on cinema tickets and restaurants, employees can use Perkbox benefits such as phone insurance, gym membership and supermarket discounts.

“It’s all about the key benefits that make big savings for our employees,” says Stamp. “However, Perkbox has also encouraged us to invest more in our overall benefits strategy. It has helped the conversation about what employees would like to have and, alongside other benefits we’re putting in place, our staff feel like we’re investing back in them.”

As well as a new focus on pensions and childcare, Esland are looking to increase annual leave by a day a year over the next three to four years.

“It’s critical that employers show how much they value and look after their staff,” says Stamp. “In the care sector, it is critical to keep on top of engagement and make staff happy, as it has a direct impact on the people they are caring for.”