E.ON showcases a communications strategy to include all employees in a wide benefit offering


With more than 20 different benefits on offer, ranging from insurance to health benefits to lifestyle perks, E.ON understands the need to communicate effectively with employees, and to stay fresh and innovative.

It’s no mean feat for the company – staff members are spread across the entire country. Some are office based, some work from home, and other colleagues are in the field. However, E.ON has successfully segmented the workforce to ensure that different channels of communication reach all employees.

Working with Benefex, the company communicates both internally and externally via the internet, paper-based brochures, direct emails and letters. Offline colleagues can use ‘Newsline’ to dial in once a week for updates.

It doesn’t end there – the benefits scheme is also represented by on-site ‘champions’, while competitions and incentives help to keep the workforce motivated. “In the lead-up to annual enrolment we also target communications a lot more,” says Sophie Jupp, employee benefits specialist at E.ON.

“We use giveaways, and make sure we have a theme, so we can draw employees into what we’re trying to achieve.”

The communications are certainly having the desired impact. “Engagement is improving year on year,” says Jupp. “In this past enrolment over 60% of colleagues submitted new or changed choices – outside of the pension scheme – with enrolment in some benefits rising up to 30%.”

“We run an internal engagement survey twice a year – our Pride Survey – and benefits are consistently rated as a top reason for staff to recommend E.ON as an employer.”

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