Cafcass' healthcare strategy is central to the company's reward and engagement proposition


Cafcass’ board directors and executives are fully committed to their employees’ health and wellbeing, says HR director Jabbar Sardar.

“That’s the crux of it,” he says. “If we have buy-in and commitment from the top then people will perform well for the company and be committed, because the organisation is committed to them.”

The health and wellbeing programme of the children’s charity has 97% employee buy-in: this is a result of staff being surveyed on what they wanted to see in the offering, as well as on-site wellbeing champions who could publicise the scheme.

“Giving people what they want is absolutely right in supporting someone’s wellbeing, so we don’t talk about it in terms of productivity but rather about their general wellbeing, both inside and outside of work,” says Sardar. “It’s a central element to our entire proposition and the overall reward package. If people feel as if their employer is looking out for their general welfare, then they will engage with the organisation and be more productive.”

The strategy has paid off: working with Medicash, usage of the Cafcass plan is far more than what had been expected.

“We don’t mind paying – and paying extra – if the usage is good, the engagement levels are good, and we’ve got lower sickness and higher engagement,” Sardar says. “The success is testament to the engagement of the champions, management and individuals.”

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