Research reveals firms are making basic hiring mistakes


Employers need to work much harder at wooing applicants (rather than the other way around), according to latest research from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC).

Its report – The Candidate Strikes Back – argues the relationship between jobseeker and hirer has permanently changed, and it accuses employers of making basic mistakes in the way they engage with candidates.

According to the research, not enough employers give feedback to unsuccessful candidates, yet 34% of job hunters say this is the most important improvement they can make. It also found that if jobseekers do have a bad experience, 51% will discuss it with friends and family.

REC chief executive Kevin Green, said: “It’s getting harder for businesses to find the people they need, but despite this the way employers recruit candidates is getting worse. We spoke directly to candidates to find out what works and what doesn’t, and it’s clear that many businesses are making mistakes which can have implications for an organisation’s reputation and ultimately for their bottom line.”

He added: “Our report found that 80% of candidates were not asked for feedback on the recruitment process. That’s a huge amount of insight that employers are missing out on.”

Of those who weren’t asked for feedback, 93% described their candidate experience as “bad”.

Wilson Cochrane, CEO of BigScreen Group, which sponsored the research, said: “Negative experiences go beyond the interview process. Candidates are very vocal about their feelings and will share them with family and friends within social and professional networks, so it’s vital that they are saying good things whether or not they get hired.”