Reward Live: Champion of workplace equality and diversity explains how to create a truly inclusive environment.

RL Wed Becky Brooks-31

The workplace is changing now more than ever, with employees needing a variety of different things. Becky Brooks, member engagement manager at Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei) opened Reward Live 2016 by discussing the importance of creating an inclusive workforce through HR practices and employee benefits offerings.

The champion of this topic discussed how her 30 years of experience in HR provided her with the foundation to understand the significance of reward. She began: “Your workforce and workplaces are changing - so you need to change the way you reward.'

Discussing the diverse workforce, from age and race to sexuality and culture, each employee wants something different. Brooks discussed how to make reward individual by working closely with new government legislation and engaging employees in the right way.

She said: “The UK now has more than a million workers over the age of 65 in employment. This has doubled in the last few years. Different cultures now mean different working needs.” Discussing the ageing workforce alongside the millennial generation, Brooks explained what equality, diversity and inclusion really mean.

“Diversity is making sure that everyone is invited to the party, inclusion is making sure they are allowed to dance with you at the party instead of left on the side.”

Brooks went on to discuss how companies can promote equality and the impact this will have on business performance. Highlighting the key areas that are prominent, she explained the significance of flexible working.

'Agile working is becoming more common in London, with individuals using tech to its best advantage. 1 in 3 employees want agile working practices and agile working means agile reward.

“This means that you might need to change your reward scheme. Millennials are vocal about their want for agile working and it does reduce waste and commuting time.”

With lives becoming more competitive on a daily basis, it is essential that this is reflected in a company’s reward scheme. Creating personal packages for each employee, i.e. a childcare scheme for someone who has recently become a parent or a life insurance scheme for someone approaching retirement.

As our keynote speaker closed her talk, she left our HRDs with some key advice. “Each of your employees is different so don’t treat them the same. Get it wrong or target the wrong people and you will have a disengaged or demotivated workforce.”

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