Just 1 in 10 of Brits have secured their dream jobs, finds Kimberley Dondo

woman engineer

It seems that with age most Brits let go of their dream jobs for more practical jobs, according to new research.  64% chose their current path at the same time as opting for their A levels and University degrees (between the ages of 18-21).


The report by Be A Better You found that 72% of Brits dreamt of helping others, with hopes of taking jobs in the emergency services which is a stark difference with what they eventually chose to do. Unsurprisingly, 69% of respondents in the survey dreamt of the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry whether it be singing, acting or presenting. Only 1 in 10 (9%) Britons have managed to land the job they dreamt of as children.


However, 1 in 4 British adults have confessed to having no passion for the role they are currently in with 11% not making a decision on what career path to take until they turned 30. This may be due to Brits choosing a practical role which will provide for them as their responsibilities grow.


Simon Bubb, managing director at Be A Better You, stated “As the jobs market becomes increasingly competitive, it’s no surprise that Britons are taking longer to make final decisions on their careers, possibly change their mind or even struggle to break into specific industry, but it’s a shame that so many Britons are sat in job roles they don’t want to be in.”


Nonetheless there is still hope for those who want to chase their dream career as Simon Bubb proclaims: “For those who are looking to make a career change, or who are yet to make a decision about the path they want to follow, our advice would be to take advantage of the support services available to you and do your research.”