Office Genie survey reveals British employees’ demands, in light of Nicola Thorp being sent home after refusing to wear high heels.


Approximately 75% of people want strong legislation to prevent appearance-based discrimination, according to Office Genie. A further 66% of men and 79% of women called for a legislation to be introduced.

The law currently states that employees can be dismissed if they fail to abide by a “reasonable” dress code, providing they are given time to access the right clothes. The research revealed that in the UK, around 8% have been told to change their appearance by management – amounting to around 2.5 million people.

Additionally, only 38% of people would change their appearance if requested by management however, 60% said they would change their appearance to get their dream job.

Peter Ames, Head of Strategy at, commented: “British workers clearly feel they are not being protected against the sort of appalling discrimination Nicola Thorp has recently had to endure. The way someone looks, and the way they dress, is generally as much a part of someone’s identity as their race, personality, gender and so on - and the current legislation is simply not tough enough.

“It would appear Ms Thorp is not alone: We’ve calculated millions of Brits could have been on the end of similar circumstances, which strong legislation should be preventing. The fact millions would be willing to change their appearance for a ‘dream job’ shows how mind-sets need to change universally regarding appearance in the workplace.”

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